Nancy wanted a logo that matched the personality of her handmade whimsical cards, that she could also use as a sticker later.

This logo was for a veteran Colonel who wanted to represent his dog within the artwork

Weather Conditioners is one of the largest retailers of air-conditioning units systems in North India. They wanted a simple, effective logo for their collaterals.


The Artisera team wanted an elegant but contemporary logo that would set the tone for their luxury home goods website


Macavity Digital wanted a playful, fun logo that reflected their company spirit and could be easily used on collaterals.



The founders of Reflecte wanted a logo that played off the theme of darkness and light.

This logo represents why businesses need to be ethical in India – our environment and ecology needs top priority.


CCI wanted a very rich, luxurious logo. Elements from food are intertwined with the jaali.

Shingora Logo

This was a logo designed for a national competition for textile + fashion design students.


Valinus is a luxury branding and PR consultancy. They were keen to incorporate a golden eagle into their logo, but stay with an elegant, timeless font..


This logo was designed to celebrate the silver anniversary of one of North India’s most elite private schools. The idea was to work around the original VHS logo, but bring out the school colours more effectively.


Reed and Pick is one of India’s largest exporters of woven furnishings. They needed a logo that was very classic and international so that it would appeal to their clients across the world. The ‘&’ is gold-embossed on all stationery.


NSF is a production house for documentaries and ad films. They wanted a simple, clean logo that represented very clearly what they do.


The Khushwant Singh Litfest was started in 2012 in Kasauli. The logo needed to be iconic, but retain the brightness and charisma of the inimitable Mr Singh.


Home Delights are corporate caterers based out of Gurgaon, supplying lunch (and often dinner) to a lot of MNC offices. They wanted to drive home the fact that their food is always fresh, and tastes of home.

HD 1

This was personal stationery designed keeping in mind Rakshit’s request for simplicity and timelessness.

EMAC is a very young real-estate company that wanted a logo that would set them apart and help a more refined audience identify with them.